Celebrity Shave Salon Makeover - Free Games For Kids

Celebrity Shave Salon Makeover – Free Games For Kids

Fragranze Games Ltd
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Product Description

The Celebrity shave salon is officially OPEN for business!
Come in and choose your celebrity to shave, we have everything from pop stars to movie stars, and they all require a shave!

Keep stubble, create a design of your own, the choice is yours, you can use realistic shaving tools such as foam, manual razor, electric razor, the old fashioned style razor or even scissors!

Watch for cuts and rashes when shaving these celebrity faces, but fear not, if you happen to cause any discomfort, then this shave salon keeps rash cream and plasters in stock!

Guaranteed fun for all ages, with a catchy soundtrack, isn’t it time you head on over to the Celebrity Shave Salon?


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