Deadly Jungle Jackpot Slots with Vegas Roulette Adventure

Deadly Jungle Jackpot Slots with Vegas Roulette Adventure

Fragranze Games Ltd
iOS 7.0 +


Product Description

The Jungle can be deadly, but with this Slots game you don’t need to travel afar to experience all the creatures of the Jungle, in the safety of your own device!
Deadly Jungle Slots provides not one, but TWO casino games, both Slots & Roulette games are included! Win on either to spend coins, win big on Slots to spend on the Roulette table, or win Roulette to spend on Slots, the choice is yours!
Free coins appear at regular intervals throughout the game, so payment is not necessary to enjoy this game!
Auto Spin function, to boost your chances of winning!
Built in game center feature means you can challenge your friends for the highest score, and compete in a Worldwide leaderboard!
So, what are you waiting for? Try it today and see how much you can win!


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