Pet Shavers Grooming Salon Spa - Free Games For Kids

Pet Shavers Grooming Salon Spa – Free Games For Kids

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Product Description

Welcome to the Pet Shave Grooming Salon! We have 6 super cute pets who need grooming! In fact, who knew that a Dog, a Cat, a Donkey, a Tiger, Koala and a Wolf could all have such hairy beards? Well, it doesn’t stop them from being cute, but they do need a trim, that’s for sure!
Choose your character, and then use a variety of realistic barber hairdressing tools such as shaving foam, razor, electric shave trimmer, manual razor, shaving hair grow spray and more!
On the second part of the grooming process, you will need to use plasters for any shaving cuts! Use tweezers to pluck any stray hairs and rash cream to stop any rashes, why not spray some after shave for the full salon experience!
You are in charge, play it your way, and enjoy, because this Pet shave salon needs you!


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