Shark Shooter Attack - Undersea War Battle Free

Shark Shooter Attack – Undersea War Battle Free

Fragranze Games Ltd
iOS 6.1 +


Product Description

Get ready to take on the enemy fish in this amazing new shooting game!
Simple controls make it easy to navigate your way throughout the deep ocean, whilst battling vs giant fish, mines and poisonous fish who are trying to stop you from collecting the treasure coins!

With 3 different characters to play as;

Super-Shark – This shark has a cannon mounted and can move slowly with Green gunfire

Sharkanoid 2.0 – This shark is smaller than Super-Shark, but is very fast, and is equipped with Yellow gunfire

Submarine – This submarine is the king of the Ocean, it has a special cannon and is quick to move, be careful, it is quite large, so is difficult to dodge the Giant fish when using this submarine!

Works on iPhone and iPad and has game center leaderboard built-in, which means you can compare your scores Worldwide against other players!

Great for all ages, this game is an ESSENTIAL part of your collection, it’s free, so download it now!


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